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Staffing Services

We understand that no two client’s needs are the same and each client has a unique set of challenges.
Atrilogy Solutions Group is your on demand staffing partner for:

  • Contract - Atrilogy specializes in providing the highest quality contract technical resources to our clients at a competitive cost. Our recruiting model is designed to bring together the best and brightest minds to meet your contracting requirements. Atrilogy supplies entire project teams or individual consultants to assist our clients in meeting project deadlines or maintaining mission critical applications.
  • Contract to Hire - Finding the “right” long-term employee is not always easy after conducting just a few interviews with a potential new hire. Sometimes it makes sense to on-board employees on a trial basis. The contract-to-hire staffing option is optimal in this situation. This approach allows our clients to determine if a candidate is a good technical and cultural match prior to committing to full-time employment.
  • Direct Hire - Atrilogy offers recruitment of full-time employees on a contingency basis. We believe that matching a resume with a job is only a small part of recruiting a valuable employee. Atrilogy uses an extensive array of techniques, including specialized candidate screening to provide state-of-the-art direct placement recruitment.

Project Teams

Atrilogy partners with our clients to create Assemble to Order Staffing Solutions. Atrilogy works with our clients to create a unique staffing solution that blends all the resources required to complement our clients existing staff and assist them in achieving their business goals and objectives.

Potential blended project teams: Project Managers, Business Analysts, Software Architects, Software Developers, Database Developers, DBA’s and QA Analysts.

Whether our clients’ needs are for a custom software development project or a complete network and desktop refresh, Atriolgy can be your one stop for all your project staff augmentation needs.

Contact us for more information.